Personal Animal Encounters - Bookings Essential

Experience one-on-one personal encounters with some of our amazing animals. It’s a great photo or video opportunity for a lasting memory of your day at Billabong Zoo. 

Bookings can only be made online by selecting your animal encounter below.

Please note prices for Up-Close Encounters are in addition to the admission price. Enjoy your Encounters, they really are very special. 

Subject to change. You must arrive and check in with staff 20 minutes before your encounter.

Book online now.

Cheetah Encounter


The Cheetah personal animal encounter includes being able to safely tong feed our two Cheetah brothers, Warrior and Vongani.
Book a Fennec Fox Encounter

Fennec Fox

This limited time only encounter is an opportunity go into the Fennec Fox enclosure to hand feed Dahni.
Koala Encounter


Pat a koala and get really close. Your Zoo Keeper will tell you all about these adorable Aussie icons, now sadly under threat as a vulnerable species.
Book a Little Monkey Encounter

Little Monkeys

Encounter includes getting up close and personal with our Common Marmosets, Miguel, Romina, Ali and Celeste. You will have the opportunity to hand feed our Little Monkeys with their favourite food.
Meerkat Encounter


During the encounter you will have the opportunity go into their enclosure and hand feed Taabu, Kito, Faraji, Suri and Annika.
Red Panda Encounter

Red Panda

Encounter includes getting up close and personal with our two Red Pandas, Rato and Tito. You will have the opportunity to hand feed our Red Pandas with their favourite food.
Snake Encounter


The encounter consists of a hold of one of our Non-Venomous Snakes, with the opportunity to ask our keepers some questions.  You have the opportunity to take a photo with your own camera.
Snow Leopard Encounter

Snow Leopards

Encounter includes a behind the scenes tour of the snow leopard dens. You will have the opportunity to tong feed our snow leopards through the safety of a fence.