Following on from Billabong Zoo:Koala & Wildlife Park’s WOMBAT DAY on the  28th May 2017 we have received a lovely email from The Wombat Foundation.

“Thank you for Billabong Zoo’s donation to The Wombat Foundation.  We’re working to find the wombats additional habitat and your donation is a valuable contribution.”  Jacqui Mills, Director, The Wombat Foundation.

Here is an extract from the Foudation’s News letter (April 2017)…  “Should the Northern Hairy nosed Wombat be considered ‘critically endangered’ under Australian law? As early as the 1980s, the IUCN (World Conservation Union) listed the Northern Hairy nosed Wombat as critically endangered. Strangely, when the Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act was introduced in 1999, the wombats were listed as Endangered. The Wombat Foundation has made a submission to the current consultation in support of ‘uplisting’ the species as critically endangered. We have recognized the progress in recent years but argue that the species remains at risk of extinction. Our recommendation is for finalization of a national recovery plan focusing on: a national approach to securing additional reintroduction sites; improved understanding of the species’ biology and behavior, and population dynamics; and, addressing the key habitat threats. One of the major threats is the incursion of introduced buffel grass. We provide a brief update on our buffel research project below. In our submission, we recommend continuing to focus on research and activity to mitigate this threat…”

For further information of The Wombat Foundation’s work & how you can help, visit their website: http://www.wombatfoundation.com.au

If you would like facts on Billabong Zoo’s resident wombats – The Common Wombat & the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat take a look at our information page. Better still come and pay us a visit in Port Macquarie. Open 7 days a week, 9am -5pm. Rain or shine. See our wombats close-up & you can still see them when they are sleeping in the fantastic purpose-built underground viewing area.  The photograph featured is of Millie, one of our  Common Wombats with Christy our Head Zoo Keeper.