Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie will soon be launching it’s community based Living with Koalas programme.  Like all good conservation programmes the Zoo supports, it all starts with awareness and education. We will be highlighting the plight of koalas in the wild (now in rapid decline) to all our visitors, schools and groups throughout the region. We will also be supporting practical, hands-on initiatives to help with the conservation and regeneration of koalas in the wild.
For anyone living and driving in the area one thing you can implement today is to write down / or put in your phone  the telephone number of the Koala Hospital 24 Hour Koala  Rescue service:  o2 6584 1522 . Keep this number in your car and call if you see an injured or distressed koala in the Port Macquarie region Visit the  Koala Hospital Port website for further information about this great volunteer based organisation.   http://www.koalahospital.org.au/contact
Sunday 30th April is our annual Koala Day at the Zoo.
And you still have chance to enter our Name our Koala Joey competition