Schools: Zoo Excursion Activity Sheets

School Excursions to Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie is often the highlight of a school term. We strive to make it as enjoyable and as relevant as possible.  We have been consulting with our visiting teachers and as a result of their input we are updating our Activity Sheets that may be of assistance in the classroom before your visit and after your visit. We would really appreciate your feedback. If you have produced curriculum based activities or units where a Zoo visit is part of the lesson(s) could you please send us a pdf or word document so we may include some of the content in future activity sheets. In that way we are ensuring our Schools Activity Sheets are up-to-date and curriculum relevant. It is also a great way for teachers to share information.  Please email any comments or documents to Thanks. We hope to see you and your students soon. Please remember we are able to tailor our school Zoo Keeper Tours to any particular topic you are covering, just let us know at the time of booking.


Below you will find a few of our current Activity Sheets you may be able to incorporate into your lessons. Obviously all students and classes are at different levels so we have made the Activity sheets as broad as possible allowing teachers’ to adapt to particular lessons or activities. We will be adding additional sheets over the coming months. If you have any suggestions or comments we would appreciate you getting touch:

Activity sheet 1 MATCH the animal with its silhouette.
Activity sheet 2 MOVEMENT How do animals move?
Activity sheet 3 SOUNDS What noises do animals make?
Activity sheet 4 MEASUREMENTS Weight, height & length of animals.


We hoped you and your students enjoyed your time at Billabong Zoo. Below you will find Activity Sheets produced to enable the Excursion to continue in class after your visit. If you have any suggestions for any other  Activity Sheets using the animals at the Zoo as a focal pint we would love hear your suggestions. Email to  Thanks. Hope to see you soon.

Activity sheet 5 What animals did you see at the Zoo?

Activity sheet 6 What was your favourite animal – why? Can you draw and answer comparative questions.