“There  could be less than 2,500 Red Pandas remaining in the wild”  –  a chilling fact according to the Red Panda Network.  Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, Australia applauds the work of hands-on conservation organisations whose efforts attempt to reverse the trend of animals facing extinction. This is an extract from the Red Panda Network website.

“Our education and outreach programs focus on increasing awareness among the Himalayan communities living near Red Panda habitat, as well as among the general public worldwide.

Communities situated in and around Red Panda habitat are usually marginalized and have inadequate education opportunities. Red Panda Network (RPN) provides this education through “forest guardian” workshops where educational training about the importance of red pandas and the eastern Himalayan ecosystem are provided. At these workshops, teachers are trained and given educational materials to conduct “forest guardian” trainings at their local schools. Some workshop participants are hired as Forest Guardians. These professional conservation ambassadors work within their respective communities to increase awareness of red pandas.  RPN is also working with schools throughout the Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor in integrating red panda conservation education into their curriculums. We provide trainings for teachers on how to prepare and teach lessons. RPN organizes mini ecotrips for students of Roots and Shoots Groups and supports them in publishing red panda bulletins in their schools.  Read more @

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