Photographic contributors

Throughout this website for Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie you will see some stunning photographs of the animals we care for. We would like to thank and acknowledge the following photographers (many of them keen local amateur photographers) who have allowed us to use their images. You will see a copyright © image on many of the photographs. Those photographs have been taken by the following people and we have listed their email address to contact if you would like to use their photographs for any commercial use.  Or you can use our contact form to get in touch. Hope you enjoy the photographs. We will be running an exhibition of some of the photographs in the near future. A particular thanks to Thomas Sheppard,  President of Port Macquarie Panthers Photographic Club who assisted in getting the local photographic contributors started. The only way an animal should be shot is through a lens of a camera or video.

© ap – Alicia Palmer –

© bs – Brenda Sarno – lorrikeet@icloud-com

© bs1 – Brooke Stone (Zoo keeper) –

© bs2 – Blake Stone (Zoo keeper ) –

© bz – (These shots have been taken by staff and Zoo Keepers at the Zoo, or sent in by un-named visitors who are happy for us to display their lens work.)

© cb – Christy Brown (Zoo Keeper) –

© cg – Carole Grant, AFIAP, FAPS –

© dm – Dean Michell –

© g – G Henshaw –

© gg – Glen Gilligan –

© jb – Jennifer Baker –

©ne – Nathan Edwards, Daily Telegraph

© rm – Ruth Marquez –

© sj – Stuart Johnson –

© rs – Rob Smith –

© tm – Tony Morton –

© ts – Thomas Sheppard –

Thanks to all the photographers listed. Love your work.

bz snake : lens 1k © dm


If you would like any of your photographs of Billabong Zoo animal included on our website we would love to hear from you. Contact us today. All photographs will be credited.