Crocodile photo caption competition winner

AND THE WINNER IS…  “Now Shrek will perform the disappearing lizard trick.  Now you see him, soon you won’t.”  Gordon, NSW 2444 RUNNER UPS (voted funny enough to go into the end-of-year Super Draw. “What do you call a lizard at the end of a croc’s nose? A snack.”  Gina, NSW 2445 “Ha,ha,ha… go on, […]


Here is our Joey naming competition winner Kiah enjoying her very special prize – an up-close Encounter with the koala she named – Holly.  Visitors can book a Koala Encounter (9.30am or 3.45 pm) daily online or by calling the zoo on 02 6585 1060.


DONATION TO THE WOMBAT FOUNDATION Following on from Billabong Zoo:Koala & Wildlife Park’s WOMBAT DAY on the  28th May 2017 we have received a lovely email from The Wombat Foundation. “Thank you for Billabong Zoo’s donation to The Wombat Foundation.  We’re working to find the wombats additional habitat and your donation is a valuable contribution.”  […]

Koala Joey naming competition – the Winner is…

And our new koala joey is called Holly (cross between the father’s name Ollie and mother’s name Hannalee )… we had a lot of entries with Holly (and Hollie) and our winner was pulled out from the entry forms by one of our Zoo Keepers who loves the name … well done to our winner […]



Keeper Presentations
Free throughout the day.

NB New lion cubs:  Keeper Play times: 10.30am | 1pm | 3.30pm

10.00am – Penguins
10.30am – Lions
10.30am – Koalas
11.00am – Spider Monkeys
11.20am – Meerkats
11.30am – Dingoes
12.00pm – Snow Leopards
12.30pm – Crocodile
1.00pm – Lions
1.30pm – Koalas
2.00pm – Reptile Show
(weekends & holidays)
2.30pm – Red Pandas
3.00pm – Cheetahs
3.30pm – Lions
3.30pm – Koalas
4.00pm – Spider Monkeys
4.15pm – Snow Leopards


Snake encounter

Book your one-on-one animal personal encounter

SNOW LEOPARDS  – 9.15am & 4.00pm
KOALAS  – 9.30am &  3.45pm
RED PANDAS – 9.30am
PENGUINS  – 11.00am &  3.20pm
MEERKAT – 2.00pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm
CHEETAHS – 2.45pm

NB Subject to change . Check at front desk on arrival.