Snow Leopard – Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW – photo caption competition winner

Congratulations to Betty Fontenot a visitor to the Zoo from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Betty visited the Zoo in late January and submitted a caption. Her winning entry “Has Elvis left the building!”. She won an Up-close personal encounter with two of our resident Snow Leopards. In her words the experience was “Awesome! I am […]

And the winner is – December 2016 CHEETAH PHOTO CAPTION COMPETITION

 “THE LAST ANTELOPE WHO SAID ‘OPEN WIDE’ WAS LUNCH” Well done Annie who will be getting a $50 Zoo Voucher to spend on Cheetah Outreach merchandise (LINK which we sell at the ZOO SHOP to support their practical and successful cheetah conservation work in South Africa.  Thanks to everyone who entered like Amanda “Do […]


SATURDAY 26TH AND SUNDAY 27TH NOVEMBER, 9AM -5PM SATURDAY 3RD AND SUNDAY 4TH DECEMBER, 9AM -5PM Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift?  Visit the Zoo.  At Billabong Zoo we have a huge range of children’s toys and gifts for all ages.  Over two weekends  (26th & 27th November & 3rd & 4th December – open 9am to 5pm) […]

Billabong Zoo Lion Cubs – Barnaby Joyce Instagram post

We've got strict biosecurity laws for good reason – but all we'll catch from these two is a bad case of the cutes. Meet Milo and Misty, Australia's newest lion cubs, who have spent a lot of time at the vet lately to move here. They've been examined, vaccinated and tested for everything from rabies, […]



Keeper Presentations
Free throughout the day.

NB New lion cubs:  Keeper Play times: 10.30am | 1pm | 3.30pm

10.00am – Penguins
10.30am – Lions
10.30am – Koalas
11.00am – Spider Monkeys
11.20am – Meerkats
11.30am – Dingoes
12.00pm – Snow Leopards
12.30pm – Crocodile
1.00pm – Lions
1.30pm – Koalas
2.00pm – Reptile Show
(weekends & holidays)
2.30pm – Red Pandas
3.00pm – Cheetahs
3.30pm – Lions
3.30pm – Koalas
4.00pm – Spider Monkeys
4.15pm – Snow Leopards



Book your one-on-one personal animal encounter
KOALAS  – 9.30am & 3:45pm
PENGUINS  – 11.00am &  3.20pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm
MEERKATS – 2.10pm
SNOW LEOPARDS – 9.15am & 4pm
RED PANDAS – 2.30pm

NB Subject to change . Check at front desk on arrival.