Koala Joey naming competition – the Winner is…

And our new koala joey is called Holly (cross between the father’s name Ollie and mother’s name Hannalee )… we had a lot of entries with Holly (and Hollie) and our winner was pulled out from the entry forms by one of our Zoo Keepers who loves the name … well done to our winner […]

Red Panda – Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW – photo caption competition winner

red panda photo caption competition and the winner is …. “I’m not snoring I’m doing a Nepalese meditation chant” Annette 2445 RUNNER UPS “Urrrggghh, I ate too much bamboo and now I’m stuck like this!” Hartley, 2440 “Wake me up when it’s the weekend!” Nicky 2444 “I’m proof that beauty sleep works” Grant 2445 Here […]



Keeper Presentations
Free throughout the day.

NB New lion cubs:  Keeper Play times: 10.30am | 1pm | 3.30pm

10.00am – Penguins
10.30am – Lions
10.30am – Koalas
11.00am – Spider Monkeys
11.20am – Meerkats
11.30am – Dingoes
12.00pm – Snow Leopards
12.30pm – Crocodile
1.00pm – Lions
1.30pm – Koalas
2.00pm – Reptile Show
(weekends & holidays)
2.30pm – Red Pandas
3.00pm – Cheetahs
3.30pm – Lions
3.30pm – Koalas
4.00pm – Spider Monkeys
4.15pm – Snow Leopards


Snake encounter

Book your one-on-one personal animal encounter
KOALAS  – 9.30am & 3:45pm
PENGUINS  – 11.00am &  3.20pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm
SNOW LEOPARDS – 9.15am & 4pm
RED PANDAS – 2.30pm

NB Subject to change . Check at front desk on arrival.