Livestock Insurance – a policy to save Snow Leopards

As part of this month’s focus on Snow Leopards (IUCN Red List: Endangered species) with scientists estimating there maybe a few as 4,0000 animals in the wild, Billabong Zoo is actively promoting the work of the Snow Leopard Trust. Here is an example of one of the active programmes they are implementing to stop the decline of these magnificent creatures: 

Conservation Programmes

Snow leopards live in vast home ranges – some cats have been known to use up to 1,000 square kilometres. While it is important to secure their key habitats through Protected Areas, it simply isn’t enough. Many of the families living in snow leopard habitat are herders who live on less than $2 per day and depend on their livestock for food and income. The snow leopard occasionally attacks and kills livestock, and members of these low-income communities sometimes resort to retaliation killings or poaching of snow leopards to protect their herds of livestock or earn extra money.

Livestock Insurance

Our livestock insurance program helps rural communities reduce the financial impact of snow leopard predation by giving them access to compensation for animals lost.

For the families who share the snow leopard’s habitat, the loss of even a single animal to predation can create great financial hardship. Occasionally, herders may may retaliate against snow leopards to protect their animals and limit their losses.

Through our livestock insurance program, the local community manages an insurance pools specifically designated to reimburse families who lose domestic animals to snow leopard predation.” Read more at

You can book an Up-close Personal Encounter with Billabong Zoo’s magnificent Ambassador Snow Leopards (you need to book  in advance) or attend a Zoo Keeper talk – free, daily at 4.15pm. Further information:  

Photo: the leaping Snow Leopard photo was captured at Billabong Zoo by Jennifer Baker.