Q. Is the Zoo open during wet weather?

A. Billabong Zoo is set on 10 acres and has been carefully designed to ensure visitor comfort in any weather. The animal enclosures are set in shady mature gardens and most of the Zoo Talks and Up-Close personal encounters have under cover areas in the case of rain. But, we are blessed with great weather in Port Macquarie and we very rarely have all day bad weather, so by the time you have enjoyed a bite to eat in the cafe, or looked at all the exhibits in the Reptile House or enjoyed the crocodile feeding show from the undercover viewing stand the weather is back to normal for you to enjoy the gardens and picnic areas while strolling and viewing over 80 species of Australian and Exotic wildlife.

Q. Can we visit the Zoo Café and Zoo Shop without purchasing Zoo entry?

A. Yes. Our cafe is open from 9am and throughout the day, for breakfast and lunch and daily chef’s specials; we also offer a great range of  sandwiches, wraps, snacks. Or just call in for great freshly ground coffee or a cup of tea with fresh scones or cake. Appetising range of delicious cold drinks and ice cream . You are most welcome. In our Zoo shop you will find all sorts of charming souvenirs as well as a lovely range of special quality and unique gifts.

Q: Is Billabong Zoo wheelchair friendly?

Yes. Most of the Zoo’s 10 acres is accessible by wheelchair or mobility scooters. However certain areas are challenging and we have undertaken a major upgrade and have begun work on updating some of our older paths to make them even more accessible. Entering the Zoo is level access from the car park and there is a gentle ramp from the cafe to the Zoo exhibits. We often have visitors in wheelchairs who enjoy the animals and gardens. Currently there is no disabled/ambulant toilet though we now have  plans for a new facility to be installed in the main building and we are commencing work in the second quarter of 2017.

Does Billabong Zoo have disabled /ambulant toilets?

Yes. We have just completed the first stage of our major renovation  and refurbishment (January 2018) which now include new disabled / ambulant toilets as well as toilets outside with the zoo.  Further works to the Zoo main bulldog and inside the Zoo will take place throughout 2018 as we BUILD A BETTER BILLABONG.

Q. What type of parking is available at Billabong Zoo?

A. Coach, car, motor bike and motor home –  we have a large parking lot directly outside the Entrance and plenty of additional parking. Bicycles can be secured inside our building on request.

Q. Can I hold a koala at Billabong Zoo?

A. In NSW it is against the law for anyone other than a qualified keeper to hold a koala. This is because the process of passing the koala from one person to another is very stressful for the animal and, like humans, if a koala is stressed it is more likely to become sick. We do however allow our zoo visitors to pat a koala free of charge and take your own photos at our presentations at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm daily. For an extra treat you may like to purchase our special Up-close koala encounter.

Q. I have found an injured native animal, what should I do?

A. Always use extreme caution when approaching an injured animal as it may bite or scratch you if it feels frightened or threatened. Only if safe to do so place the animal in a cardboard box or washing basket, cover the box/basket with a towel and keep the animal in a quiet, dark room. Please keep pets and children away from the animal. Contact your local wildlife rescue group such as FAWNA on 02 6581 4141. Alternatively you can take the animal to your nearest vet who can arrange for the animal to be transferred to a wildlife carer.

Q. Help! I have a snake in my back yard.

A. Keep your children and pets away from the snake. Do not approach the animal yourself but if possible keep watch on where the animal is and where it goes. Contact FAWNA on 0265814141 and ask for them to put you in contact with a snake catcher who can remove the animal for you.

Q. Can I donate native animals to the Billabong Zoo?

A. Any animal that has come from the wild must be placed into the care of a registered wildlife carer group such as FAWNA 0265814141. Billabong Zoo does receive requests to accept pet birds and reptiles that have been obtained with the correct permits/licences, however due to space restrictions, animal compatibility, quarantine etc. We cannot guarantee homes for all animals that are offered to us. Please note that if we do accept an animal it may not always be housed at Billabong Zoo and may be moved to another zoo or wildlife park. Due to the high number of animals that we manage at the zoo we are unable to provide information on an individual animal once it has been donated.

Q. Does Billabong Zoo offer work experience/work placement for schools?

A. Yes Billabong Zoo does offer work experience however we only offer placement to 1 to 2 students per week and placements are taken on a first come first serve basis. The first step is to ensure that your school approves of you undertaking work experience and will provide the necessary insurance. Then you can phone Billabong Zoo on 02 65851060 and request a phone interview with our volunteer/work placement co-ordinator who will return your call within 10 working days.

Q. What course should I study to gain employment at a wildlife park or zoo?

A. There are many animal related courses available at NSW TAFE and universities and you need to choose the right course to fit with your own personal goals. The main qualifications required for work in a zoo is a certificate 3 in Captive Animals. Contact your local TAFE or university to discuss which options would be best for you.

Q. Does Billabong Zoo have a volunteer program?

A. Yes Billabong Zoo does have a volunteer program for TAFE and university students that are studying an animal related course and require practical work placement in order to complete their studies. There is often a waiting list for placement so please make arrangements with enough notice so that, if we are unable to accommodate you, there is ample time for you to find placement elsewhere. Please phone 02 65851060 and request a phone interview with our volunteer/work placement co-ordinator..



Keeper Presentations
Free throughout the day.

NB New lion cubs:  Keeper Play times: 10.30am | 1pm | 3.30pm

10.00am – Penguins
10.30am – Lions
10.30am – Koalas
11.00am – Spider Monkeys
11.20am – Meerkats
11.30am – Dingoes
12.00pm – Snow Leopards
12.30pm – Crocodile
1.00pm – Lions
1.30pm – Koalas
2.00pm – Reptile Show
(weekends & holidays)
2.30pm – Red Pandas
3.00pm – Cheetahs
3.30pm – Lions
3.30pm – Koalas
4.00pm – Spider Monkeys
4.15pm – Snow Leopards


Red Panda encounter

Book your one-on-one animal personal encounter

SNOW LEOPARDS  – 9.15am & 4.00pm
KOALAS  – 9.30am &  3.45pm
RED PANDAS – 9.30am
PENGUINS  – 11.00am &  3.20pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm
CHEETAHS – 2.45pm

NB Subject to change . Check at front desk on arrival.