iucn-red-list-logo-redBillabong Zoo is an advocate for “Conservation through Education”. We use our ‘voice’ via our website, social media, schools programme and visitor Zoo Keeper talks to highlight the plight of animals, especially those  on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Billabong Zoo cares for 10 ambassador animal species sadly on the Red List. Every month we will also be highlighting the plight of a particular species and promoting  the work of organisations doing great work to save and protect threatened species.

And the winner is – December 2016 CHEETAH PHOTO CAPTION COMPETITION

 “THE LAST ANTELOPE WHO SAID ‘OPEN WIDE’ WAS LUNCH” Well done Annie who will be getting a $50 Zoo Voucher to spend on Cheetah Outreach merchandise (LINK which we sell at the ZOO SHOP to support their practical and successful cheetah conservation work in South Africa.  Thanks to everyone who entered like Amanda “Do […]


This is an extract from the website of Cheetah Outreach (Conservation organisation in South Africa): “The fastest land animal in the world is losing its most important race: the race for survival. At the turn of the century an estimated 100,000 cheetah lived in 44 countries throughout Africa and Asia.  Today, there are an estimated […]

How Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dogs are saving cheetahs in South Africa.

As part Billabong Zoo’s commitment to  “Conservation through Education” we are highlighting  some of the great work conservation organisations are doing throughout the world. This month we are focussing on the Cheetah – sadly on the IUCN Red List as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED. This is an extract from the website of  Cheetah Outreach in South Africa (where Billabong […]

Focus on conservation – cheetahs – December 2016

This month we focus on the plight of the Cheetah in our Conservation focus. Sunday the 4th December is the International Day of the Cheetah ( which also co-incides with World Wildlife Conservation Day ( Sadly the cheetahs appear on the IUCN Red List (International Union for the Conservation of Nature): status of North African […]

June /July 2017

Saltwater Crocodile – photo caption competition

Enter our Saltwater Crocodile – photo caption competition. Click here

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