iucn-red-list-logo-redBillabong Zoo is an advocate for “Conservation through Education”. We use our ‘voice’ via our website, social media, schools programme and visitor Zoo Keeper talks to highlight the plight of animals, especially those  on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Billabong Zoo cares for 10 ambassador animal species sadly on the Red List. Every month we will also be highlighting the plight of a particular species and promoting  the work of organisations doing great work to save and protect threatened species.

Snow Leopard – Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW – photo caption competition winner

Congratulations to Betty Fontenot a visitor to the Zoo from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Betty visited the Zoo in late January and submitted a caption. Her winning entry “Has Elvis left the building!”. She won an Up-close personal encounter with two of our resident Snow Leopards. In her words the experience was “Awesome! I am […]

Red Panda Genome Project

To continue our Red Panda awareness month we are highlighting the work of a hands-on conservation organisation: The RED PANDA TRUST. Here is an extract from their website: Red Panda Genome Project The Red Panda has captured the hearts of many. Worldwide they have become the ‘face of cute and cuddly’. However this fame masks […]


“There  could be less than 2,500 Red Pandas remaining in the wild”  –  a chilling fact according to the Red Panda Network.  Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, Australia applauds the work of hands-on conservation organisations whose efforts attempt to reverse the trend of animals facing extinction. This is an extract from the Red Panda Network website. […]

Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, January Snow Leopard photo competition – finalists and winner.

These were the finalists of our Snow Leopard photo competition:   Ken from the UK – “I need to find a younger vet to remove my teeth, the older ones give me indigestion” | Amanda from Port Macquarie – “What’s so great about those lions anyway? I’m so much prettier.” | Lesa from Greta, NSW […]

February 2017 – Red Panda – photo competition – win a close-up encounter with these magnificent creatures.

Livestock Insurance – a policy to save Snow Leopards

As part of this month’s focus on Snow Leopards (IUCN Red List: Endangered species) with scientists estimating there maybe a few as 4,0000 animals in the wild, Billabong Zoo is actively promoting the work of the Snow Leopard Trust. Here is an example of one of the active programmes they are implementing to stop the […]

February 2017


Enter our Red Panda Photo Caption Competition to win a close-up personal encounter (for two) and feeding opportunity with our beautiful Red Pandas at Billabong Zoo. Click Here

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