iucn-red-list-logo-redBillabong Zoo is an advocate for “Conservation through Education”. We use our ‘voice’ via our website, social media, schools programme and visitor Zoo Keeper talks to highlight the plight of animals, especially those  on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Billabong Zoo cares for 10 ambassador animal species sadly on the Red List. Every month we will also be highlighting the plight of a particular species and promoting  the work of organisations doing great work to save and protect threatened species.

Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie – Crocodile Photo Competition

Last  few days for our Crocodile Photo Competition. Winner receives a Billabong Zoo Animal Encounter of their choice plus  along with the three runner-ups entry into our end-of-year Prize Draw for all our Photo Caption winner and runner-ups.  Please look carefully at the photo – Shrek our Monster Saltwater Croc has lizard at the end […]

June /July 2017

Saltwater Crocodile – photo caption competition

Enter our Saltwater Crocodile – photo caption competition. Click here

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