What a great deal of fun going through our Wombat photo captions. The winner and three runners-up all go into the end of year final prize draw.


” I’m not sure that these sit ups are helping with my pot belly!!!” – Lyn

“Heads, shoulders, kneeeeze and … tooes.” – Mary

“And that’s 10 sit ups for me” – Rebecca

“Rolling Down by the Billabong” – Isla

Congratulations. This month we have a great photo of Shrek our monster Saltwater Crocodile with a visitor on his head – looking forward to your captions. Sunday 25th June is CROC DAY at Billabong Zoo. More details soon.

Red Panda – Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW – photo caption competition winner

red panda photo caption competition
and the winner is ….
“I’m not snoring I’m doing a Nepalese meditation chant”
Annette 2445
“Urrrggghh, I ate too much bamboo and now I’m stuck like this!”
Hartley, 2440
“Wake me up when it’s the weekend!”
Nicky 2444
“I’m proof that beauty sleep works”
Grant 2445
Here is Tully (who was gifted the Up-close Encounter winning prize from Annette) with one of the Billabong Zoo’s Red Pandas.
Tully a first time visitor to the Zoo said “They are such beautiful gentle animals. It is so sad they are a threatened species. Billabong Zoo is amazing I never knew it was so beautiful with all the ponds and gardens, and you have so many animals. The lions were so adorable and the kangaroos and koalas… I will be back.”
Thanks Tully. Hope to see you soon. This month our focus is on the Wombats and we have a wombat photo competition. Entries close at the end of the month. Enter here!!  We would love to read your words.


For anyone living and driving in the area one thing you can implement today is to write down / or put in your phone  the telephone number of the Koala Hospital 24 Hour Koala  Rescue service:  o2 6584 1522 . Keep this number in your car and call if you see an injured or distressed koala in the Port Macquarie region Visit the  Koala Hospital Port website for further information about this great volunteer based organisation.
Sunday 30th April is our annual Koala Day at the Zoo.
And you still have chance to enter our Name our Koala Joey competition

KOALAS – now listed as VULNERABLE on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

This month (April 2017) Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie is highlighting the plight of the Koalas. Incredibly, and shamefully for Australia, the koala is now listed as on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. Whilst numbers in the wild are not accurately known, what we do know is numbers have drastically fallen within recent years and it wasn’t many generations ago that millions were hunted for their fur… today some experts put the number of koalas in the wild as low as 30,000. Read the full listing at the IUCN website We will be posting information abut koalas on Facebook and website over the coming weeks. And a note for your diary – Sunday 30th April – it’s Koala Day at Billabong Zoo.

Name our koala joey competition

Also, this month as part of our focus on Koalas we are running a Name our Koala Joey competition. Your chance to name our latest arrival – the daughter of mum Hannahlee and father Ollie – and a success of Billabong Zoo’s word-renowned Koala Breeding Programme. For details follow this link ->

Africa’s incredible protected areas hold the key to securing the future of lions…


This is an extract from a recent report by Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organisation Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie supports.

“In recent years, lion numbers have declined steeply. Some estimates suggest as few as 20,000 wild lions remain in all of Africa, compared to 30,000 that existed just two decades ago. Yet, the study indicates that with sufficient global support for African conservation efforts, the continent’s protected areas could support as many as 83,000 free-ranging lions.”  

read the full report at

Last chance to enter our March 2017  Lion photo competition.  

Here are some of the entries so far: 

Morgan: “Feeling a bit tired… might have a cat nap!” | Faith:  “If  could just work out how to do this winking thing, my keeper would know she’s my favourite and give me the extra meat!”  | Geoff:  “Those kids were delicious…..shame they get stuck in your teeth.”  |  Christina: “I think there’s something stuck in my teeth, you think you could get it out.”  | Samantha:  “The face you make when you tell your Mum you’re hungry and she tells you to eat some fruit.”

Surely you can do better. Enter the competition today. The winner pf the Photo Caption Competition will win an Up-close Personal Encounter with one of Billabong Zoo’s animals – see our website for details of the Encounters available

African Lion Conservation: Project Leonardo

This month (March) Billabong Zoo is highlighting the work of a great Conservation organisation  – Panthera – who are undertaking measurable actions to help the plight of African Lions.

Panthera is the only organisation in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems.

Project Leonardo

The first conservation plan that encompasses the lion’s entire African range, Panthera’s Project Leonardo aims to protect lions in the key lion conservation landscapes that remain, including in and just outside key African national parks, and build or support corridors that guarantee their safe passage. The program’s overall goal is to bring lion populations back to a minimum of 30,000 individuals within 15 years.

After identifying Lion Conflict Landscapes, or areas where lions are under the greatest threat, Panthera introduces tools and techniques tailored to specific lion populations and surrounding communities. These measures include mitigating human-lion conflict by working with villagers to implement better animal husbandry techniques, supporting local law enforcement in their efforts to reduce illegal hunting, and sustainably managing legal hunting.

Using high-resolution satellite imagery, surveys, motion-triggered remote camera traps, and other innovative technology, Panthera’s scientists are able to survey and monitor lion populations, helping to identify populations in jeopardy and assess the effectiveness of implemented conservation actions.

Panthera is currently leading or supporting efforts in 15 of the 27 lion range states in Africa, including Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gabon, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Please enter our African Lion photo competition. To enter simply click on this link and enter your details and caption and send. This great photo of one of African Lions at Billabong Zoo was taken by Jennifer Baker.  The winner pf the Photo Caption Competition will win an Up-close Personal Encounter with one of Billabong Zoo’s animals – see our website for details of the Encounters available

Winner to be announced early April 2017. We look forward to reading your captions.