Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, January Snow Leopard photo competition – finalists and winner.

These were the finalists of our Snow Leopard photo competition:  

Ken from the UK – “I need to find a younger vet to remove my teeth, the older ones give me indigestion” | Amanda from Port Macquarie – “What’s so great about those lions anyway? I’m so much prettier.” | Lesa from Greta, NSW – “Grrr, g’day mate” | Betty from Louisiana –  “Has Elvis left the building?” | Stuart from Port Macquarie –  “RRRRP … just converted meat to gas.”

And the winner is: Betty from Louisiana, USA – congratulations we will contact you, before you return to the USA, to arrange a Close-up encounter with one of the Billabong Zoo’s Snow Leopard ambassador animals.

The four runner ups will go in our end-of-year competition.