Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie – Crocodile Photo Competition

Last  few days for our Crocodile Photo Competition. Winner receives a Billabong Zoo Animal Encounter of their choice plus  along with the three runner-ups entry into our end-of-year Prize Draw for all our Photo Caption winner and runner-ups.  Please look carefully at the photo – Shrek our Monster Saltwater Croc has lizard at the end of his nose – some of the entrants, by thei captions we think didn’t spot it!
Here are some contenders:
“I only floss the teeth I want to keep!” from Terri & “Ha ha. Go on. tell me another joke” Temeliah or this one from Ken: “ Now Shrek will perform the disappearing Lizard trick!”
Surely you can do better. Here’s the link to enter. Oh and please can you vote for Billabong Zoo in the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards. It means a great deal for all the Zoo staff if we are recognised for the work we do.  Thanks. Here’s the link for voting ( And don’t forget your photo caption.