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African Lion Conservation: Project Leonardo

This month (March) Billabong Zoo is highlighting the work of a great Conservation organisation  – Panthera – who are undertaking measurable actions to help the plight of African Lions. Panthera is the only organisation in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems. Project Leonardo […]

Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 – African Lions

 © https://www.panthera.org This month Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 is highlighting the work of a great conservation organisation – Panthera – as part of our “Conservation through Education” programme. This is an extract from their website : https://www.panthera.org/cat/lion “Lions have undergone a catastrophic decline and are on the brink of extinction in all but […]

Red Panda Genome Project

To continue our Red Panda awareness month we are highlighting the work of a hands-on conservation organisation: The RED PANDA TRUST. Here is an extract from their website: Red Panda Genome Project The Red Panda has captured the hearts of many. Worldwide they have become the ‘face of cute and cuddly’. However this fame masks […]

Livestock Insurance – a policy to save Snow Leopards

As part of this month’s focus on Snow Leopards (IUCN Red List: Endangered species) with scientists estimating there maybe a few as 4,0000 animals in the wild, Billabong Zoo is actively promoting the work of the Snow Leopard Trust. Here is an example of one of the active programmes they are implementing to stop the […]