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Dingo Photo caption competition … and the winner is…

Sybil Juzwiak Doyle from Port Macqaurie, NSW 2444 Song: The Sound of Music “The hiiiiiillls are alive…in the sound of music” Runners up Tina – Postcode 2444 – Song: “Talk to the animals”  If I could talk to the humans, just imagine it. I’d get them all to bring me streak for tea! Christie  – Postcode […]

…Working together to save northern spotted-tailed quoll…

As part as our role as Ambassadors for Wildlife, Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie we regularly post information about the Threatened Species we care for at Billabong Zoo. The following are extracts from an ABC News entry posted to their website on the 19th July 2017. “There is a little carnivorous marsupial up in the world heritage […]

Crocodile photo caption competition winner

AND THE WINNER IS…  “Now Shrek will perform the disappearing lizard trick.  Now you see him, soon you won’t.”  Gordon, NSW 2444 RUNNER UPS (voted funny enough to go into the end-of-year Super Draw. “What do you call a lizard at the end of a croc’s nose? A snack.”  Gina, NSW 2445 “Ha,ha,ha… go on, […]