Zoo Talks

Cheetah liking keeper at Billabong Zoo Billabong Zoo is committed to education. Our experienced and dedicated Zoo Keepers present 13 Keeper Talks covering 9 species, throughout the day – every day. Plus a 20 minute reptile presentation at the weekends and holidays. All free, as they are included in your Admission fee.  At many of these Zoo Talks we will also take the opportunity to feed our animals and our keepers are in the enclosure with the cheetahs, spider monkeys and crocodile. In the case of the koalas, dingoes and reptiles visitors have the opportunity to pat or stroke the animals. As part of our role as a modern zoo we take the time to explain the life of an animal in the wild and in a number of cases explain the role of a zoo in terms of conservation as a number of the animals we care for are sadly vulnerable or critically endangered in the wild. During these presentations we are happy to take any questions from our visitors. Many of our enclosures have been specifically designed to give protection from the rain or sun – to enable the Zoo to provide a great experience whatever the weather.

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Keeper Presentations
Free throughout the day.

NB New lion cubs:  Keeper Play times: 10.30am | 1pm | 3.30pm

10.00am – Penguins
10.30am – Lions
10.30am – Koalas
11.00am – Spider Monkeys
11.20am – Meerkats
11.30am – Dingoes
12.00pm – Snow Leopards
12.30pm – Crocodile
1.00pm – Lions
1.30pm – Koalas
2.00pm – Reptile Show
(weekends & holidays)
2.30pm – Red Pandas
3.00pm – Cheetahs
3.30pm – Lions
3.30pm – Koalas
4.00pm – Spider Monkeys
4.15pm – Snow Leopards