Red Panda encounters

9:30am daily (NB this Up-close Encounter must be booked at least the day before. Pre-book your Encounter by phoning 02 6585 1060 to ensure availability | $60 (one person only) | Age: 14 years and over.

Experience some special time with our resident Red Pandas “Rato” and “Tito”. Feed and photograph them as you get up-close to one of the planet’s most threatened species. It’s advised you wear a shirt with sleeves if participating in the Red Panda encounter as, even though they are gentle creatures, they have sharp claws.


Koala encounter

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SNOW LEOPARDS  – 9.15am & 4.00pm
KOALAS  – 9.30am &  3.45pm
RED PANDAS – 9.30am
PENGUINS  – 11.00am &  3.20pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm
CHEETAHS – 2.45pm

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