Animal personal encounters

Experience one-on-one personal Encounters with some of our amazing animals. It’s a great photo or video opportunity for a lasting memory of your day at Billabong Zoo. Bookings can be made at the front desk, by telephone or online via our booking form on this page.  If you are booking online allow at least 48 hours as we need to contact you to confirm availability and a booking cannot be confirmed until payment has been collected. Numbers are limited so you may consider calling Billabong Zoo between 9am- 5pm if you are wanting immediate confirmation of a booking for an Up-Close Encounter. Call 02 6585 1060 to ensure availability. NB Prices for Up-Close Encounters (below) are in addition to the admission price. Enjoy your Encounters – they really are very special. Subject to change.


y snow leopard9.15am & 4pm (NB the 9.15am Up-close Encounter must be booked at least the day before. Pre-book your Encounter by phoning 02 6585 1060 to ensure availability) |  $50 per person, maximum 4 people | Age: 16 years plus.

Very few people can say they have fed a snow leopard… here’s your chance and we promise you will keep all your fingers. Enjoy a private, behind-the-scenes tour, question time with their keeper and the highlight of your experience will be the chance to feed these beautiful snow leopards.


Koalabreed1k---39.30am &  3.45pm – NB the 9.30am Up-close Encounter must be booked at least the day before | $50 for 2 people | Age: 9 years and over, younger children allowed with an adult | Maximum 4 people.

Pat a koala and get really, really close. Your Zoo Keeper will tell you all about these adorable Aussie icons, now sadly under threat as a vulnerable species. You will also hear about our world-renowned breeding programme. Don’t forget to charge up your camera/video for some great photos.


y red panda 29:30am daily (NB this Up-close Encounter must be booked at least the day before. Pre-book your Encounter by phoning 02 6585 1060 to ensure availability | $60 (one person only) | Age: 14 years and over.

Experience some special time with our resident Red Pandas “Rato” and “Tito”. Feed and photograph them as you get up-close to one of the planet’s most threatened species. It’s advised you wear a shirt with sleeves if participating in the Red Panda encounter as, even though they are gentle creatures, they have sharp claws.


1 bz face penguin 1k © tm11:00am & 3:20pm daily | $30 per person (maximum 2 people per encounter) | Age: 12 years and over.

NB Currently not available as it is the breeding season –  but good news we have chicks and eggs – so stay tuned for the sound  of little ‘happy feet’.

Enjoy 15 minutes on personal “penguin” time with your own special encounter. Come inside the enclosure to meet and greet our very own “happy feet” and take some amazing up-close photos/video.


albino_darwin_carpet_python11.15am & 2.30pm |  $10 per person, no maximum numbers  | Age: no age restrictions.

Hold a snake for a real Up-close encounter. When you feel and hear about the snakes at Billabong Zoo you may come away with a different view to these often maligned reptiles. You will certainly have a great photo opportunity. 


We would love to see your Up-close Encounter photos. Please share them with us and all our friends. Use the hashtag #billabongzoo and tag us in Instagram or Facebook.  We will then share your photo on our feed and add them to our visitor gallery.


Koala encounter

Book your one-on-one Up-close personal animal encounter
SNOW LEOPARDS – 9.15am & 4pm
KOALAS  – 9.30am &  3.45pm
RED PANDAS – 9.30am
PENGUINS – 11am & 3.20pm
SNAKES -11.15am & 2.30pm

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