Africa’s incredible protected areas hold the key to securing the future of lions…


This is an extract from a recent report by Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organisation Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie supports.

“In recent years, lion numbers have declined steeply. Some estimates suggest as few as 20,000 wild lions remain in all of Africa, compared to 30,000 that existed just two decades ago. Yet, the study indicates that with sufficient global support for African conservation efforts, the continent’s protected areas could support as many as 83,000 free-ranging lions.”  

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Last chance to enter our March 2017  Lion photo competition.  

Here are some of the entries so far: 

Morgan: “Feeling a bit tired… might have a cat nap!” | Faith:  “If  could just work out how to do this winking thing, my keeper would know she’s my favourite and give me the extra meat!”  | Geoff:  “Those kids were delicious…..shame they get stuck in your teeth.”  |  Christina: “I think there’s something stuck in my teeth, you think you could get it out.”  | Samantha:  “The face you make when you tell your Mum you’re hungry and she tells you to eat some fruit.”

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