Red Panda – Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie, NSW – photo caption competition winner

red panda photo caption competition
and the winner is ….
“I’m not snoring I’m doing a Nepalese meditation chant”
Annette 2445
“Urrrggghh, I ate too much bamboo and now I’m stuck like this!”
Hartley, 2440
“Wake me up when it’s the weekend!”
Nicky 2444
“I’m proof that beauty sleep works”
Grant 2445
Here is Tully (who was gifted the Up-close Encounter winning prize from Annette) with one of the Billabong Zoo’s Red Pandas.
Tully a first time visitor to the Zoo said “They are such beautiful gentle animals. It is so sad they are a threatened species. Billabong Zoo is amazing I never knew it was so beautiful with all the ponds and gardens, and you have so many animals. The lions were so adorable and the kangaroos and koalas… I will be back.”
Thanks Tully. Hope to see you soon. This month our focus is on the Wombats and we have a wombat photo competition. Entries close at the end of the month. Enter here!!  We would love to read your words.